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bwcer.jpg (51177 bytes) September 3rd, 2005:    newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Grey Summer", finally (a year late). Hex is hiatus...

September 3rd, 2005:    newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Lamp".

July 3rd, 2005:    newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Chlorophyl". Also totally re-did the site. Redesigned things, rearranged things, etc... Take a look around!

March 30th, 2005:    newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Epsilon".

March 26th, 2005: 
Went back and rescanned a bunch of old gallery pictures with my new scanner.   I couldn't do them all, because I just moved to California, and a lot of my extra photos are in Michigan.   Also, I just made a new turtleneck last night.   Once I get it modelled, it will be online soon...

July 22nd, 2004:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Schematic".

July 20th, 2004:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "No Parking".

May 20th, 2004:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Sahara".

May 5th, 2004:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added "Wrap 2".

January 14th, 2004:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Well, as I said, Hex is not dead. I made a pretty big update today. I added two brand new garments, "Militia", and "Go".

Also, I totally revamped the file infrastructure of the site. This is something viewers can't see immediately, but it'll help me. It does, however, mean that all of the old URLS are not valid anymore. Well, they're also no longer valid because...

I moved Hex to different servers. If you're here, you know that. Remember the new URL:

January 4th, 2004: 
Hex is not dead, I promise.  I have spent much of the last year being busy finishing up college, and moving to Columbus, Ohio.  Nowadays, I'm hoping to start making clothes again, and meet new people around this big new city to model my stuff.. I'm also thinking of moving this site to new servers sometime soon, as Tripod has garish ads all over the site....

January 26th, 2003:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Happy 2nd birthday, Hex! Well, good news... the image quality is going to start being a lot better around here. I was always having quality problems with my scanner and whatnot, but I just bought a digital camera last month, and have been getting more professional looking results. I've been so busy the past few months, but I finally got someone to model "Rosso", the girl's shirt I mentioned a couple posts ago, and I took the pics with my digital camera.

October 22nd, 2002:
once again, sorry it's been barren around here recently. I've been super busy (I moved again, and am in school again). I have some newer stuff made, but haven't had time to get them modelled. I did however, do a little maintenence on the site. Nothing really fun though... mainly watermarking the larger images with copyright info, after seeing some of my images in various places online, without permission.  Hang in there though, more fun stuff coming soon...

August 21st, 2002:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Aaak, sorry for the lack of updates... I moved and, then had summer classes, and was just pretty busy all around. I'va also been doing a lot more Revenge clothing this year, especially since the fashion show we were in...  BUT: I just added two new garments to the site, Future Imperfect (which had actually been done since May) and Delta. I also freshened up various things that needed freshening up...  There are still two new Hex garments that have yet to find a home on the site: the first Hex pants, and a brand new girls shirt I made this past weekend. Stay tuned for them, and don't forget to check out the Revenge site to see what else I've been up to...  oh yeah, and if you didn't see it yet, I made a new index page....  if you want to see a screenshot of the old version, click here.

April 20th, 2002:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
I added Invader and Star Patrol to the designs page.

March 15th, 2002:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
I added Twilight and Wrap to the designs page.

February 23rd, 2002:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
I added Belle and Light Arc to the designs page... Sorry for the delayed update. Had an especially busy couple of months... but I'm now back in production. By the way, January 9th was the first birthday of Hex! It's growing, gradually...

Expect to see a freshening up of the site soon. I'm probably going to keep the basic design and color scheme, but a few improvements need to be made... Also, as soon as I get people to model them, I have two other brand new Hex garments, (a new turtleneck sweater and a military-style sweater), and they shall be online soon... keep checking up on this site....

December 7th, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
I added Annex 1 and Annex 2 to the designs page...

October 31st, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
I added Gamma to the designs page...

October 18th, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
I added IV to the designs page...

September 7th, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Beta is finished and is now online...

Jul 13th, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Added two new pictures to the Violence hoodie page. Also, there is a new, and very strange Hex shirt: Mexico.

Jul 3rd, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
Put up the main page for Alpha, along with the usual assortment of hi-res pics and bonus wallpaper.

Jun 18th, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
added the Midori design.

Feb 26th, 2001:  newgarm.jpg (1126 bytes)
added the Golden Eagle hoodie design.

Feb 3rd, 2001:
added the news page.

Jan 28th, 2001:
Put the site online

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